• Steve Santarsiero, State Senator, District 10
  • Perry Warren, State Representative, District 31
  • Judi Reiss, Bucks County Prothonotary and former LMT Supervisor
  • John Lewis, LMT Supervisor
  • Fredric Weiss, LMT Supervisor
  • Lower Makefield/Yardley Democratic Committee ​

“Suzanne Blundi has served with distinction on the Board of Supervisors and has been integral in our positive changes in LMT. She is now and will continue to be an excellent Supervisor. James McCartney has shown great insight on the Township’s Zoning Hearing Board. He has a firm grasp on the Township’s issues and will be a valuable addition to the Board.”

  • Fredric Weiss, LMT Supervisor


“Having watched James McCartney's work on the Zoning Hearing Board since 2013, I’ve seen firsthand his thoughtful treatment of residents and pragmatic approach to their needs during their application process. The Zoning Hearing Board is a panel of five members who review and decide on zoning variances. Meetings can sometimes be contentious, but James is always courteous and helpful.”

  • John Lewis, LMT Supervisor


“In considering my support for Suzanne Blundi, I was reminded of this quote: ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person.’ I've learned the quote is attributed to Ben Franklin - by all accounts, someone who was a busy person. And, I think Mr. Franklin would find the time to write an endorsement for Suzanne Blundi were he alive and living in LMT today. Suzanne has proven herself a skilled leader, communicator/advocate and steward of the public good during her past 21 months as an LMT Supervisor. In addition to years of prior public service, she is a practicing attorney, wife and mother of three - a busy person who lives her beliefs and believes in serving where she lives. Dedication, transparency, strong judgement, deep knowledge of what makes LMT a great place to live.......a busy person who I want to keep busy working on our behalf.......please join me in voting for Suzanne!”

  • Frann Goldstein, Vice-Chair, LMT-Yardley Democrats

“I am voting for Suzanne Blundi because she volunteered to fill the vacancy opened by Judi Reiss' resignation and has served the residents and interests of Lower Makefield well by her professionalism and due diligence. As a member of the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), I have gotten to know her better and she has been the most engaged, informed and supportive Supervisor Liaison that I have experienced in my tenure with the EAC. As a member of the Zoning Hearing Board, real estate appraiser James McCartney would bring a new perspective to the LMT Board of Supervisors that would serve all residents well.”

  • Paul Robert Roden, Democratic Committeeperson


“As a member of the LMT Financial Advisory Committee, I have seen Suzanne Blundi's dedication to ensuring the Township's continued fiscal health, and to dealing with the critical issues that impact residents, taxpayers and businesses. She is thoughtful and deliberate in examining the facts involved and deciding how best to address problems. She cares deeply about our community and its future. James McCartney’s experience and familiarity with the local real estate market, along with his years of volunteer service to the community and on the Zoning Hearing Board, will help him represent the interests of LMT’s residents, homeowners and taxpayers.  I'm happy to support and vote for both Suzanne and James.”

  • Fred Childs, Democratic Committeeperson


"So happy and proud to endorse Suzanne and James for township supervisors."

  • Maureen Lingle, LMT Resident

“Suzanne Blundi beat me out for the vacant Supervisor position, and let me be the first to say, she was phenomenally qualified, and represents all that we should want from our Board of Supervisor position. I was happy she won, believe she has done a wonderful job, and wholeheartedly support her in her run for BOS. I believe she prioritizes LMT first and holds herself to the highest ethical standards to ensure LMT is the first priority.”

  • Michael Brody, LMT Resident


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